Restroom Sanitizing

Don’t just clean your restroom, sanitize it! We offer this service which, in short, is a deep clean for your restroom. We have specialized equipment for commercial restrooms designed to totally disinfect every surface and fixture.

Traditional methods such as mop and bucket techniques can actually spread bacteria around a restroom and deposit soils in grout lines. Take a brief visual inspection of most commercial restrooms and notice the grout color around urinals and toilets compared to the grout behind a door or on the wall. When grout continues as a baseboard you will usually see discolored grout lines, proving that the soils are deposited from mopping! Imagine the bacteria and germs being left behind by mopping! Usually the same mop is used throughout the facility, even in most restaurants!

Plan B Building Maintenance LLC offers restroom sanitizing as a nightly or periodic service. Depending on the usage of a commercial restroom, this service may be needed monthly, weekly, or even nightly. We usually recommend sanitizing restrooms at least once a week. Some of our routine, nightly cleaned clients have this equipment on hand nightly so that this service can be used as needed. Imagine how your customers and employees would benefit by your restrooms being sanitized every night!

The process:

First we high pressure blow all dust from the tops of partitions and from bathroom fans and a/c vents. Next, hospital grade disinfectant is chemically injected as a low pressure foam that is used to saturate every fixture, floors, partitions, even walls can be occasionally soaked down all the way to the ceiling in some locations. As we allow the disinfectant to soak for a minimum of 10 minutes our technician physically scrubs around toilets and urinals or the entire floor as needed. We then high pressure rinse all chemicals and soils from grout lines, toilet seat hinges, and urinal valves. When potential clients see the soils that come from the urinal and toilet fittings they are usually disgusted because of how poorly their restrooms have been previously cleaned ] To thoroughly remove all chemicals and soils we then use a squeegee vacuum head to remove all water and soils from the floor leaving it totally sanitized. Finally we high pressure blow all water from all fixtures, squeegee all mirrors. When we are through the restroom not only looks and smells clean, but is dry and almost instantly ready to use.

We are so confident that you will be impressed by this service that we hope you request a free demonstration!

Ceiling Restoration

Do you have ceiling tiles that look dusty, dirty, or discolored? We can restore your ceiling tiles to a like-new appearance, even restoring the original fire rating! Restaurant typically benefit the most from this service. When customers are eating and look up at your ceiling do they see a dusty or a water/food stained ceiling? This would certainly reflect on your customer’s conception of your entire restaurant’s cleanliness. Are your kitchen ceiling tiles stained and yellowed from grease? Even these can be brought back to a like-new appearance. We even have a solution to existing rusted ceiling grids. All of this can be done at a fraction of the price and time of replacing your ceiling! For pictures please click HERE.

Valet Trash Service

We offer convenient, hassle-free solutions to dispose of your community’s waste. Our door-to-door trash pick-up is a value-added amenity used by 100% of residents. Join our growing list of multi-family and condo managers who are seeing the benefits of valet trash service through increased revenue, occupancy and resident retention. We also offer community wide recycling programs.

Green Cleaning

We offer a complete choice of green cleaning options from green chemical use to recycled paper products and LEED certified cleaning.